domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

Typical food and drink of the April Fair

The typicals foods of the April Fair are:
-”Pescaíto frito”: this is fried fish. The first night of the Fair, all people eat it! It’s a old tradition.-”Tortilla de patatas”: this is omelette of potatoes, very typical and delicious food!-Iberian ham: this is the most popular food
The typical drink is sherry from Jerez.

The April Fair

Castanets and Typical dress and dance.

The women wear the typical “flamenco dress”. Usually, it has got polka dots.
The typical dance of the April Fair is the “Sevillanas”. The “Sevillanas” is a dance in pairs and has got four parts.
The popular instruments are the castanets and the guitar.

The April Fair

The April Fair is a very important festival in Seville.Its origin started in 1847. Its objective was the creation of an agricultural and livestock market.
At present, the Fair is a party where people sing, dance, eat and drink!