lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2007

Dear friends from Spain

We are students in the first class of junior high school. Our school is the 1st High School of Arta.
Our names are:

Paraskevi Moloni, Melpomeni Polizou, Stefanos Renzos, Lambros Retsas, Elisavet Skoutela, Vaggelis Skouteris, Vasilos Soukis, Leonidas Tasoulas, Alexandros Stergiou, Agathi Rovina, Katerina Tsami, Pashalina Tsianti, Katerina – Paolina Tsimara, Artemis Tsimberi, Myrto Tsironi, Evaggelia Tzouvara, Vasiliki Florou, Aggeliki Haidou, Dimosthenis Harisis, Christos Housos, Georghia Christou, Evaghelia Christodoulou.

In our free time we like playing some musical instruments like the guitar, the violin, the piano, the keyboard. We also like sports like football, basketball, volleyball. Going to the cinema and going for walks with our friends are things we enjoy. Some of us are members of the boyscouts. We all learn foreign languages such as English and French.

We live in a small, provincial town of Greece which is called Arta.

Arta is a very beautiful town with an important historical background. It lies on the left bank of Arachthos river and is built on the ruins of ancient Amvrakia, which was destroyed in the 2nd century AD.

Visitors usually find Arta very interesting as it has a lot of ancient monuments. Some of them are:

the byzantine church of Parigoritissa,

the church of Saint Theodora,

the cloister (a women’s monastery) of kato Panagia,

the castle

and the legedary and renowned in song bridge of Arta.

The song says:

“forty-five craftsmen and sixty apprentices were trying to build the bridge of Arta …. They were building it all day long, but at night it collapsed”

The legend has it that the head workman sacrificed his beautiful wife in order for the bridge to remain in its place.

In the plain of Arachthos there are citrues trees like orange trees, lemon trees, tangerine trees etc. Arta comes second in Greece in the production of citrus fruit. Because of its mild climate there are a lot of olive trees too.

A visitor of Arta should defenitely visit the gulf of Amvrakikos which is one of the biggest and richest protected marine parks in Greece. Here live rare species of animals and birds such as the silver pelican etc.

Apart from the scenic, hospitable and beautiful city visitors can also visit the villages of the plain as well as the mountainous villages which have a lot of greenery and waters and incredible natural beauty. There you can explore the area through various sports like canoeing, climbing etc.

We strongly recommend to visit Greece and Arta in particular in order to live this unique experience.

Best regards from the 4th section of the first class (A4)

lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2007

Breve descripción:
Mediante un blog creado para este proyecto los alumnos realizan producciones intercambiando información sobre sus países con el objetivo de reconocer la diversidad cultural y lingúistica de los distintos países europeos unidos por el marco de la ciudadanía europea en el seno de nuestras raíces grecolatinas y germanas.
Los centros escolares que participan en el proyecto son:

Dolores Campillo Ortiz y Alistair Watson(IES Maria Moliner) Spain

Fernanda Freitas (Vila Caiz) Portugal

Costantinos Mylonas (1st High School of Arta) Greece